Day School on the Arab Revolutions

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Welcome

Irish Anti War Movement
Revolutions in Egypt
and the Arab World
Special Day school – speakers will include:

Wassim Wagdy, well known Egyptian activist

Anne Alexander, writer on Egypt and the Middle East

and speakers from Libya

At the time of writing the outcome of the uprising in Libya is not know, nor what may happen in Yemen, Bahrain and so on, but it is clear that events of historic importance have taken place and are continuing. The Irish Anti-War Movement is therefore holding this special day school with invited expert speakers. Both Wassim Wagdy and Anne Alexander are able to offer eye witness accounts from Tahrir Square as well analysis based on long standing engagement with the region. Other speakers will be invited.
Session 1: The Egyptian Revolution
Session 2: Developments in Libya and the region
The first session will focus on the remarkable events that led to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. The second session is left open so as allow for discussion of the struggles that are developing by the day, including their implications for Western foreign policy and the situation in Palestine.



For information contact: Jim Roche 0876472737 , Marnie Holborow 087988244


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